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Building Plan As Per Vasthu

VaastuShastra is an ancient system of architecture which has a set of rules to construct a building. As many presume it to be a superstitious belief, VaastuShastra is literally a scientific approach of building architecture. VaastuShastra building plan principles are derived in such a fashion that brings healthy compatibility between nature and humans. In simple terms, it’s all about inculcating positive and negative energies of the universe into our life and home. When the principles are incorporated correctly, our “VaastuShastrabuilding plan service” balances these energies bringing wealth, health and happiness into your home.

When followed oddly, it creates an imbalance in the energies harnessing negative impacts into our home and thus in our life.

So we begin our journey with designing the building plan as per the norms of VaastuShastra. Our Vaastupandits thoroughly analyze your site area plan and find the perfect orientation for every element in your home.

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A building or land approval is obtained from a government regulatory body. Building plan approval is generally brought before the commencement of the construction process. For an existing building also, it is possible to get building approval. These approvals ensure that a building is built with maximum setbacks, maximum height or other building feature.

Our Goaler construction and properties have high-quality draughtsman’s who create drawings from ideas complying to specifications of approval from CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority) and DTCP (Directorate of Town & Country Planning).

We provide building plan with necessary approval provisions including key plan, site plan, floor plans, terrace plan, elevation details and cross-sectional details, joinery details, material usage details. We further provide specifications about solar energy engine, staircase detailing, percolation pit, sump or bore well, draft wall etc.

We help clients to obtain these building and land approvals from CMDA, DTCP with much ease. We also assist them in obtaining legal opinions, NOC and notary public.

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Structural design is a methodology which ensures a structure is built safe and stable enough to withstand the loads it will encounter in its lifetime. The loads are categorized into dead loads, live load and loads due to external factors such as wind, snow etc. Structural design provides valuable information about minimum and safe cross-sectional dimensions about the materials used in the construction process.

Here, our experts use best technology software’s and computer programming’s to run structural analysis which fetches required details for optimum usage of materials ensuring safe and economical design. All our design are formulated as per IS Codes and specifications.

Structural designs include

  • Analyzing topographical and geotechnical features of the site.
  • Calculation of intended loads and stresses.
  • Favorable foundation design and its reinforcement details.
  • Design of beam, slab and column and their respective reinforcement details.
  • Design of bracing structures and its details, if needed.
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Home is not just a space for living; it is a part of us. It dwells with emotions. A well-crafted design satisfying the client’s expectations is what we offer! A building plan can be complex or simple, elaborate or plain. It all depends on the demands of clients.

Our seasoned architects and engineers initialize the process by meeting the clients and diligently design their dream home. We provide schematic preliminary sketches with detailed explanations of the features in it. We suggest essential features to be added by explaining its advantages.

We extract ideas of interior designers to make necessary changes in design to utilize every living space productively and creatively. Further, we design 3D modeling and architectural renderings of the building plan to give a real glance of the final look.

If the client desires to make any alterations and modifications in the building plan, we execute it without charging an extra penny for the planning process. It is our full intention to create the project in an aesthetic and unique manner. Hence we suggest extra features such as Gardening and landscaping architecture styles.

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Goaler Construction and Properties is the spotlight for designing the Architectural 3D drawings and models. Our well-trained CAD draughtsman’s and Architects use the best software’s to develop the 3D models.

We use 2D building plans and elevations as the base and develop the entire architectural 3D models. We have a collaborate team of professionals and use various software’s like AutoCAD, Revit, 3Ds Max, and Sketchup.

We also offer 3D modeling conversion services by using images and hand-drawn sketches. These models help customers to understand their project quickly and easily. They are also very helpful for customers to visualize their construction project virtually.

We take customers 3D Walkthrough and 3D Flythrough, where they experience the real essence of living in their dream project. We perform all these services at an economical budget and thrive to complete them in a timely manner.

Our other services include

  • 3D Rendering
  • 3D circuit layout drawings
  • 3D Laser scanning
  • 3D Visualization
  • BIM Modelling
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Estimation is an effective method to calculate the approximate cost required to complete the entire projectbeforehand. This is very much useful for customers to check whether the overall cost comes under their budget. It also indicates the approximate time duration required to complete the project.

Our team of experts calculates the quantity of material used complying to the present-day schedule of rates and specifications. We do estimation services after completing the building plan and before beginning the construction process. We provide estimation services to all types of buildings.

Our wide-range estimation and costing services include

  • Building cost estimate
  • Approximate estimate
  • Detailed and Abstract estimate
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Quantity estimate

Our detailed estimation and quantity survey estimation gives all information about the 3Ms-Men, Money And Material required from the very first stage and to the very ending of the process. We provide these estimation results in excel spreadsheets which enables the client to take full control over the material procurement.

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We cover a wide range of surveys to any size of land or any type of building To conduct these surveys, we use the latest digital technology equipped instruments. We conduct the topographical survey using GPS technology and derive the precise map for your site.

Building Survey: Our building and land surveyors conduct detailed surveys to evaluate your present building conditions. We begin the survey by thorough site investigation which enables us to understand the working state of the building.

We make a detailed survey on the superstructure and record details about all structural elements like columns, slabs, etc. We make a list of documents about the repair andbuilding maintenance work to be carried out in stabilizing the structure.

Boundary Survey: Through the Boundary survey, we help clients to authorize their ownership on their property. Our services include marking the exact line of property, finding any trespassing or encroachments on your property.

Boundary Disputes: Our team of licensed surveyors helps you sort out any boundary disputes. When approached by one party or by both parties in dispute, we provide better solutions to bring harmony among them. When there’s a need for a legal claim, we offer the right solutions to be approached legally and provide witness statements in courts.

Land Subdivision: Our professional team offers best ideas about the type of sub-division suitable for your building. We provide sub-division maps with boundary details duly signed by Licensed Surveyor which eases the client’s process in claiming approval documents from CMDA, DTCP.

Deliverable: Be it the superstructure or substructure of your building, Goaler construction offers boundless mapping services to meet all the requirements at your expenses.

Our Deliverables Include:
❖   2D/3D CAD Drawings